Transforming The Energy Landscape


131 Acres
11.665 MWdc with 15 MWh battery storage
2 Arrays
1- 5.546 MWdc array
1- 6.119 MWdc array with 15 MWh battery storage


When the first array was energized in late 2018, it was the second largest solar farm in New York! The second 6 MWdc array with battery storage is currently under construction and will be energized in early 2022.

This former dairy farm land was in dire need of rest after 50 years of active farming. Beyond the 40 acres of the two solar arrays that will be resting for the three decades, we will also slowly be amending the remaining soil.

Features now include orchards and beehives for honey, a firewood processing center, tree taps for maple syrup, and a bustling greenhouse. We are able to grow organic fruits and vegetables year-round in this controlled environment to share with employees, partners, and local non-profit organizations.

Map Address: 1682 Hilton-Parma Corners Road, Spencerport, NY 14559