Transforming The Energy Landscape


200 Acres
11.606 MWdc with 15 MWh battery storage
2 Arrays


When our first array was energized by Sol River and EPC GreenSpark Solar in late 2018, it was the second largest CDG solar farm in New York.

The renewable energy credits from this array help offset electricity costs for Rochester Regional Health facilities throughout our community.

The second 6.199 MWdc array with 15 MWh of battery storage that we developed with Convergent Energy + Power was energized in early 2022.

Norbut Farm is a beautiful work in progress, focused on revitalizing the soil after 50 years of active dairy farming. We are cultivating orchards and beehives for honey, tree taps for maple syrup, and responsible re-forestry efforts and thoughtful firewood processing to clean up the woods. Our bustling greenhouses and gardens also grow organic fruits and vegetables year-round to nourish our employees, partners, schools, small businesses and local non-profit organizations.

Map Address: 1682 Hilton-Parma Corners Road, Spencerport, NY 14559