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Transforming The Energy Landscape

Who We Are

We are a development company located in Rochester, New York. We have been developing brick and mortar assets for over 25 years for mom & pop shops, as well as many Fortune 500 companies.

We also have a property management and design/build construction firm. Our investment approach is much different than just developing solar projects. We are always looking to enhance the community while thinking outside of the box about the entire development’s potential.

First, we find a piece of land that can work for renewable energy and storage. We focus on lands that have been over-farmed, underutilized, distressed, or abandoned, including former golf courses.

Existing barns, houses, out-buildings, and commercial structures offer even more development opportunities. Even wetlands and woods can be turned into nature trails to benefit wildlife and community recreationalists.

For each of our parcels, the idea is to maximize the entire parcel over time.

Tenants & Land Uses

Some of our tenants include cattle ranchers, farmers and beekeepers. Various uses of non-solar land include campgrounds, greenhouse-growing, orchards, hay fields, storage, selective-logging, cell phone towers, homes and commercial spaces for rent.

Land Posting

Our land is clearly marked every 500-feet around the entire perimeter according to DEC guidelines. Posting is also registered with the local Sheriff’s office to prevent use of our land without granted written approval from us.

Solar & Storage:

The communities we serve enjoy “quiet” solar array neighbors and higher tax revenue from land that is otherwise underutilized. Solar arrays and storage do not have any residents utilizing community resources like water, sewers, roads, schools, or libraries.

Our projects have detailed Operations & Maintenance Plans, as well as Decommissioning Plans and bonds in place with each town to ensure the arrays are removed and the land is restored to its original state at the end of the systems’ lifetimes.

Once arrays are energized, we rely on experienced local service providers to help with mowing, snow plowing, security checks, and other operations and maintenance tasks to keep the sites tidy and accessible for solar crews and emergency personnel.

Photo Credit: Convergent

There are no toxic chemicals leaking into the ground or oils used in the solar farm operations. According to the GW Solar Institute at The George Washington University:

  • The most commonly-utilized solar technologies use inert materials found at every building site including silicon (glass), aluminum (frame) and copper (wiring).
  • Although thin film photovoltaics do contain some heavy metals, numerous studies have found that these metals do not leach from the modules into the environment under normal conditions or anticipated accidents such as storm damage or fires.
  • While generating electricity, a solar plant produces no emissions or waste.

Best of all, residents and business owners will be able to purchase “green” solar power shares at a discount without investing thousands of dollars and maintenance hours into roof- or ground-mounted systems on their own properties.

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Company Mission:

Develop strategic land for the betterment of the community and the world.

Company Vision:

To create a diversified portfolio of real estate holdings and sustainable entities that provide for the betterment of our employees, partners and community.

Core Values

Do The Right Thing

Operate with honesty, integrity and accountability to better serve the common interests of the community.


Creating unique and forward-thinking ideas to continuously improve our methods.


Show appreciation for the opportunity to positively impact the community.


Overcoming adversity and evolving in the face of challenges.