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New York's Energy Landscape

Our team with over 25 years of construction and development experience firmly believes in the power of solar to transform our energy landscape, create new jobs, and empower our communities to become less reliant on fossil fuels and nuclear power.​

Our Story

We were founded on our passion for sustainability and desire to bring clean energy to our fellow neighbors across New York State.

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What We Do

We develop utility-grade solar arrays to the “shovel-ready” stage so IPPs can construct and operate them for decades to come.

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A list of common questions and answers that communities we hope to develop in may have.

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News & Projects

The latest from the Rochester, NY-based Norbut Solar Farms team.

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News & Projects

5 MW Spencerport Solar Farm Update

Check out the construction of our 5 Megawatt solar farm in Spencerport, NY!

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Cuomo Green New Deal Update

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo describes the Green New Deal.

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Norbut Solar Farms Parma

We energized the 2nd largest solar farm in New York in Fall 2018!

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Our Story

Norbut Solar Farms was founded on our passion for sustainability and desire to see renewable energy projects complement the communities they serve across New York State.

With over 25 years of development, construction and historical restoration experience in New York State, we take pride in our holistic approach to developing solar farms while preserving the environmental integrity of the land.

What We Do

We leverage our experience and passion for sustainability in everything that we do.


Identifying the appropriate location for a solar farm is the first step in our process. We recognize the importance of preserving New York’s farmland which is why we strive to develop on scrublands that are not suitable for traditional agriculture. While most developers focus on the aspects that are in their best interest, we consider the impact our farms will have on the surrounding community, too. Please contact us if you are interested in selling land!

Solar Farms Explained

A solar farm is a parcel of land that hosts an array of solar photovoltaic panels. The panels are attached to a ground-mounted racking system that provides a safe and secure structure for solar energy production, even in New York!

Yes, we get enough sun here! The power produced by our solar farms is then fed into the electrical grid, which results in clean, cost-effective, renewable energy for local residents, businesses and organizatons.


We partner with the best independent power producers (IPPs) to purchase our development rights to construct facilities to generate electric power for sale to local end users. Their Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) partners are the best in the business to ensure these solar farms meet all of the safety and production standards set forth by governing agencies.

Operations & Maintenance

Since we purchase the land the IPPs build on and maintain with as much local labor and materials as possible, we are extremely sensitive to the need for dense natural screening with native species, the banishment of pesticide use, and the overall aesthetics of the land.

The IPPs’ installation and decommissioning methods are extremely efficient and the panels are over 96% recyclable at the end of their 25+ year lifespan as explained in greater detail by GreenMatch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a collection of questions that are commonly asked by our clients.

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Feel free to call us any time at 585-504-2200 for more information, or use the button below to send us an e-mail.


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